Sunday, February 27, 2005

I'm not good on weekends :(

I'm not sure why, I find weekends harder to stick to eating properly. Saturday was my rest day and I started out okay - until we went to Q&T's. Then I had a baileys gilde, chips and dip, m&ms and a caramello egg.


I think what I should of done, was sat on the couch - rather than on the chair next to the food. But I know now. We ended up crashing in the spare bed - and I woke up at nine this morning, set the dogs on the Pandyr to wake him, and we rushed home and I did my Pump class and my crosstrainer.

So I guess its not all bad.

Kilos lost: 4 CM's lost: N/a Gym Classes this week: 4+2PT Session

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Too fuckin right you're not good on weekends you chocolate salted alcamoholic. Hey it was only once, you have to treat y'self once a week, but next time flag the dip and choose between the m,m's and choc egg, not both.
Im such a bossy bitch aye!!
At least you went to the gym on the sunday, that was good yay.
Remember your doing a shit load of exercise,its not only the gym but biking to and from as well, I couldnt do it, Im lazy when it comes to exercise, motivation is the key yay for Mel.