Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I went to the gym tonight - did my usual Wed Pump class, but honestly couldn't handle it. My legs were shaking after the squat track, and by the time I got to lunges - it was pretty much over. So I snuck out, and called the Pandyr to come get me. Not sure if its a side effect from the virus - or if I didn't eat quite right today.

While I was there, I did jump on the scales - because I am so addicted to weighing myself, and its ridiculous - and it turns out that I'd lost two kilos. It's probably a little more than that - I had shoes on, and I haven't been eating well over the last couple of days. I probably won't keep all of it off though as my body returns to normal - but fingers crossed - I might :)

So I'm not going hard this week - I'm going to take it easy, keep the weights light, and the cardio easy-ish. Maybe catch a balance class.... yeah, that sounds good.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Virus and Me

I love my counter. I love that I can check out how people found their way here. And I love those people who find me by searching on things like 'lose 15 kilos in four weeks' (that's just under four kilos a week) or 'lose five kilos in 14 days'. Do you think that if I could do that, I'd be writing here? Asking for support?

No way - I'd be on an infomercial - with b-list stars raving about how they did it, and how you can too!

There is no quick fix. If you want to lose weight, you need to eat right and exercise. And thats not just a walk around the block once a week.

Although, I will let you in on this secret. You could also do you best to get the wickedest stomach virus like I've currently got. It's going now - but I pretty much spent the first four days in the bathroom, 24 hours a day - with 20 minute naps here and there. Very nice. And oh so attractive. Luckily the doctor didn't want me to do the tasteful 'poo in a jar' routine. But I was told to not eat but keep my liquids up. And now, I'm not hungry. Although that might be partial nerves due to not knowing if my gut is going to work properly or not.

So now its nearly week 10 - and I've no idea where I'm at, because I have no scales at home, and obviously I've not been well enough to move my fatass over the last five days.

So we'll try this again. Rock on Week 10! I'm gonna go hard!!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Attack! Part Two.

Well I conquered it again - but I'm knackered now, and I possibly went too hard because I feel a little sick - but that could of been the fruit drink I had about an hour before I went. (mental note to self, do not do that again).

I really like that class, but I find the people in it are pretty hardcore. It makes me laugh though - I'm doing wimpy press-ups and the superfit chick next to me has to keep stopping hers because she can't do it. Seriously - I did the whole track - it was a combined press and tricep - she did maybe 3/4 if that - and rested way more than me. I see that a lot in Pump too - if the weights are too fucking heavy and you have to keep stopping, drop them down. Who cares if you're lifting less than your friend, or the fat chick in the corner (thats me), just do it properly and you'll get more out of it and be able to up them faster.

I bought a new sports bra too - but its pretty much eating into me I think. They do not make them big enough - which is a pain in the ass - its like gym clothes - I can rarely find any - and if I do, they're pretty ugly - or they have lame ass embroidery - I don't need that - I just need fabric that will breathe, dry quickly, and last longer than two weeks.

Its week nine. I'm gonna go hard.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Okay so I made a website thru catster for Bear (am am just creating Molly and Ferg's pages) and I think he's already getting more hits than I am. Dammit.

I'm sitting my driver's licence test on Wednesday. Yes, I am nearly 30, and I do not know how to drive. Yes, I am aware this is ridiclous, and yes, I am aware that I have missed out on many opportunities because of it. I am quite nervous - but I think, without doing the challenge, I wouldn't even be attempting to sit it (after all I have to get to the gym somehow in winter - right?)

Thats how much I have changed in the last eight weeks. Its freaky.

I'm now trying to put together my story for the challenge - its pretty hard - I heard that making the judges cry is a good way to get a prize - but this isn't about the prizes (well maybe a little - I am a Leo after all), its about the results and the fact that I have changed my life around. Its not fully all the way round, but I reckon I'm on the path to kicking ass and getting where I want. After years of struggling and not really taking this seriously, suddenly I am.

There is a line. Its pretty long.

At one end - there's the old me - at my heaviest weight (breathe) 124.8 kilos - with a ciggy in one hand and a bourbon and coke in the other - just having scoffed down an entire pizza, garlic bread, chips and dessert - that mel doesn't walk anywhere - she doesn't exercise, and she gets out of breathe really fucking easily.

At the other end - there's the person I want to be - toned and confident, doesn't need to hide, her heart is healthy, and her pcos is gone.

About a third of the way away from the oldme - is me now. Lighter than the above weight - but aiming for 115 in the next four weeks. No ciggies, rarely drinks alcohol, goes to the gym around six times a week, rides her bike nearly every day - still struggles a little with food - manages to only eat two slices of the pizza now. Getting confident, looking healthier, and getting shape definition.

I'm thinking of posting before and after photos from the challenge. But I'm also pretty nervous about it.

I can't believe I posted my actual old weight. Fuck me. I am changing.
Bear has his own website! Thanks Sarah.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

This is our darling boy Bear. Posted by Hello


Here they are!

In the last four weeks I've:

lost 15cm (total of 37.5cm over eight weeks)
lost 1.8kilos (total of 4.3 kilos lost over eight weeks)
10.1% body fat (total of 13.3% body fat lost over eight weeks).

Woohoo! Rock on for the next four weeks - and thanks for all your kind words and support - I really really appreciate it and doubt I would be doing as well without them :)

It also goes to show that weight isn't everything - I'm more stoked by the body fat loss than the kilo loss - I know that the fat loss is making my heart stronger, my body healthier - and eventually the kilos will move.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Body Fat Percentage.

Today I had my body fat percentage measured again.

Now the first four weeks of the challenge, I reduced by body fat by 3.2%. These last four weeks, its down another 12%.

12%. Thats huge. By the end of the challenge, I should be well under 50% body fat (which means I'll be half fat - or so I told the Pandyr).

I've got my official kilo weigh in and tape measurements tomorrow, and the results will be in then.

Monday, April 11, 2005


I just did a Body Attack class.

I am so freakin proud of myself right now. This is a truly hard class - I had to do some of it low impact - but I did it. Trudi encouraged me - and I was the biggest person in the class, but thats okay. I am ready to go back next Monday. On the way out, I introduced myself to the instructor, and told him I really enjoyed it and I'd see him next week.

I am finding that so many people are supportive - that I just need to say Hi or smile and once I tell them I'm on the challenege - or after I've been to x number of the class, they realise I am serious and they motivate me. I guess most people come once or twice and drop out. I also think that being the largest is helping me to get recognised more than if I was one of the many skinnies.

I had the wierdest night on Friday where I spoke to about four different people - three of whom told me they are seeing changes in my body - and these are gym people, not my workmates/friends that come.

If you are reading this, and you live in Christchurch, and you want a gym buddy, feel free to email me. The more the merrier - and it will help us all to succeed.

ps - Happy Birthday to the Pandyr. 31 today - old bastard. Must be about time he proposed aye girls!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Personal Training.

So last night I met up with my trainer and we did some box training. It was pretty cool - I got to punch and kick a bag, then inbetween we did some leg work. It ended with sit-ups - and I actually seem to get my shoulders right off the ground now - I wish I could see the improvements in my body like others seem too, and not just in the amount of weight I can lift/move/pump and my flexibility.

Next Wednesday night I'm doing the body fat percentage, before Pump, then Thursday morning I'm doing the measurements and weight, and then I think some more box training. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I'm really really unmotivated at the moment. Not sure if its because its week seven, or its a general 'its turning into winter' feeling, or whats happening inside my tiny little brain.

Today I really struggled - so I went down to the other end of the office and saw my friend Joan. I told her I didn't feel like going to Combat - and she said that seeing I skipped Jam yesterday I had to go, and she'd walk me down there. And she did. (Although she didn't make sure I actually went in - but I did, and I did the class, and I'm knackered now and glad I went).

I also went and spoke to Lesley - who said that I am starting to get a shape back - that my curves are starting to look like curves, not rolls of fat (there's an attractive image for you all). And that if I was unmotivated - I should go and introduce myself to the people that take the class, tell them I'm unmotivated and that they should feel free to yell at me at any stage during the kicking and punching and speedballing. I chickened out on that, but its a really good idea - I've gotten used to being spoken to in both Pump classes, and in RPM the other night - so maybe next time I'll do it.

Weigh in and measurements again next week. Wish me luck.