Saturday, April 23, 2005

Virus and Me

I love my counter. I love that I can check out how people found their way here. And I love those people who find me by searching on things like 'lose 15 kilos in four weeks' (that's just under four kilos a week) or 'lose five kilos in 14 days'. Do you think that if I could do that, I'd be writing here? Asking for support?

No way - I'd be on an infomercial - with b-list stars raving about how they did it, and how you can too!

There is no quick fix. If you want to lose weight, you need to eat right and exercise. And thats not just a walk around the block once a week.

Although, I will let you in on this secret. You could also do you best to get the wickedest stomach virus like I've currently got. It's going now - but I pretty much spent the first four days in the bathroom, 24 hours a day - with 20 minute naps here and there. Very nice. And oh so attractive. Luckily the doctor didn't want me to do the tasteful 'poo in a jar' routine. But I was told to not eat but keep my liquids up. And now, I'm not hungry. Although that might be partial nerves due to not knowing if my gut is going to work properly or not.

So now its nearly week 10 - and I've no idea where I'm at, because I have no scales at home, and obviously I've not been well enough to move my fatass over the last five days.

So we'll try this again. Rock on Week 10! I'm gonna go hard!!

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Anonymous said...

You so have the right attitude, there is no quick fix, you are doing it totally the right way, slowly. Do it fast and it wont last, it is just as you said a quick fix. Dont go to hard out this week as you wont have the same energy cause you've been sick and not eating, get you're healthy eating back on track dude, else you'll faint and get lots of attention, Imm could be a good thing, people might bring you moro bars and m'ms, now that would be naughty!!
You go girl, Shaz :)