Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I'm really really unmotivated at the moment. Not sure if its because its week seven, or its a general 'its turning into winter' feeling, or whats happening inside my tiny little brain.

Today I really struggled - so I went down to the other end of the office and saw my friend Joan. I told her I didn't feel like going to Combat - and she said that seeing I skipped Jam yesterday I had to go, and she'd walk me down there. And she did. (Although she didn't make sure I actually went in - but I did, and I did the class, and I'm knackered now and glad I went).

I also went and spoke to Lesley - who said that I am starting to get a shape back - that my curves are starting to look like curves, not rolls of fat (there's an attractive image for you all). And that if I was unmotivated - I should go and introduce myself to the people that take the class, tell them I'm unmotivated and that they should feel free to yell at me at any stage during the kicking and punching and speedballing. I chickened out on that, but its a really good idea - I've gotten used to being spoken to in both Pump classes, and in RPM the other night - so maybe next time I'll do it.

Weigh in and measurements again next week. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Don't lose it now Mel, you're over half way. It's winter making you feel unmotivated it's darker earlier and colder, think of the outcome at the end of this, you will look and feel great.
Im so waiting for the 12 weeks to be up so I can see the new you, hopefully you can keep it up over winter as well, you'll be in a bikini by summer!!! luv Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hey Mels
I saw one of 'em motivational signs today, y'know the ones I usually make fun of, but this one made me think:
Procrastination - the Art of avoiding success. I've spent way too many years putting things off - or giving up cos it was easier. Remember how excited you were about doing this? And you knew you'd reach this point and want yr buddies to help you thru this stage.
Could be time to treat yourself to some new shoes/CDs to mark the halfway point. Halfway to some Bling ...
Sounds like you've got a great workmate BTW, bet they'd never eat chocolate in front of a person on a diet...

B xx