Monday, April 11, 2005


I just did a Body Attack class.

I am so freakin proud of myself right now. This is a truly hard class - I had to do some of it low impact - but I did it. Trudi encouraged me - and I was the biggest person in the class, but thats okay. I am ready to go back next Monday. On the way out, I introduced myself to the instructor, and told him I really enjoyed it and I'd see him next week.

I am finding that so many people are supportive - that I just need to say Hi or smile and once I tell them I'm on the challenege - or after I've been to x number of the class, they realise I am serious and they motivate me. I guess most people come once or twice and drop out. I also think that being the largest is helping me to get recognised more than if I was one of the many skinnies.

I had the wierdest night on Friday where I spoke to about four different people - three of whom told me they are seeing changes in my body - and these are gym people, not my workmates/friends that come.

If you are reading this, and you live in Christchurch, and you want a gym buddy, feel free to email me. The more the merrier - and it will help us all to succeed.

ps - Happy Birthday to the Pandyr. 31 today - old bastard. Must be about time he proposed aye girls!

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Anonymous said...

Yes he so should of proposed like years ago!!!
Im so proud of you Mel, when I saw you last wkend you looked different but I couldnt pin point which part, I think definately in the face you looked radiant and happy, it was cool to see.
Im so proud of you again and pleased you have support at the gym as well, Sharon