Monday, April 18, 2005

Attack! Part Two.

Well I conquered it again - but I'm knackered now, and I possibly went too hard because I feel a little sick - but that could of been the fruit drink I had about an hour before I went. (mental note to self, do not do that again).

I really like that class, but I find the people in it are pretty hardcore. It makes me laugh though - I'm doing wimpy press-ups and the superfit chick next to me has to keep stopping hers because she can't do it. Seriously - I did the whole track - it was a combined press and tricep - she did maybe 3/4 if that - and rested way more than me. I see that a lot in Pump too - if the weights are too fucking heavy and you have to keep stopping, drop them down. Who cares if you're lifting less than your friend, or the fat chick in the corner (thats me), just do it properly and you'll get more out of it and be able to up them faster.

I bought a new sports bra too - but its pretty much eating into me I think. They do not make them big enough - which is a pain in the ass - its like gym clothes - I can rarely find any - and if I do, they're pretty ugly - or they have lame ass embroidery - I don't need that - I just need fabric that will breathe, dry quickly, and last longer than two weeks.

Its week nine. I'm gonna go hard.

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Anonymous said...

OMG I cant believe you, you are so positive and happy sounding, it is a pleasure to read you're website you're amazing.
Theres no turning back to old Mel, I can tell. Yay for going for your licence too, it must be new Mel making you do it. Hope you pass, well you will cause you not dumb and its just common sense. The embroidary thing made me laugh lots, but its so true. Sharon