Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I got sent some American candy on the weekend. (Which actually I still have to say thanks for - best I write that email shortly) - anyway - I ate it all. In one go.

Good news is I still lost weight this week - Walked three days, and went to the gym today - although only really went on the rowing machine and the bike but hey - at least I got there.

Also - I am about to get really serious about this excercise shit. After all - I'm now a bridesmaid at Tarn's wedding. ARGH. I don't want to have bingo arms in the pictures!!!

Countdown to weigh in: 8 days

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Just chucked another new link on.

Also, you may have a bad moment, where you scarf down three candy bars, some chips and mcdee's, but you can always start eating right again at your next meal.
I love Wednesdays, but I also dread them.

It's the middle of the week, you're getting closer to two days off, but... it's weigh in day.

It's funny, I walk in to WW, pay my money, and get ready to get on the scales. Every week I think I haven't done well, and nearly every week I surprise myself with a loss.

Today, 800 grams. That gets me up to 6.7 kilos.

I had lunch with some old workmates today. We catch up for lunch once a week. Today one of them told me she could see it in my face. (The loss). She said I'm getting my checkbones back. My dimples also seem to have returned.

Go me!

Countdown to weigh in: 8 days

Sunday, October 19, 2003

And I've also chucked in what I've currently lost (or gained, cause I can't be perfect every week no matter how hard I try.

I'm walking to work now at least 3 times a week - thats 7 x 3 bonus points I try not to eat, although sometimes you can't help it. I refuse to give up the foods I love, but sometimes its hard to remember that moderation is the key.
Okay, so I've updated my blog so you can see my total weight loss or gain at a glance. Wheeee
Okay so I know I haven't posted for over a week - I had a minor gain (300 grams), but this week had a loss of 1.4. which takes my total weight loss so far to 5.9 kilos.

Got my bookmark, which sits up at work on my computer. I'm so proud of myself.

Now what should I buy for a reward???

Countdown to weigh in: 4 days

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Weigh in last night. I lost 600 grams, which means I have two hundred grams to go before I've lost 5 kilos. I'm pretty happy with that.

We got this cool bonus points slider thingy - you pull out the ammount of time you do excercise for under a light, moderate or intense rule, then go down to the weight you are and it tells you how many points you earn for doing whatever excercise you do. No wonder when I have bad weeks I still lose weight. Walking to work earns me 7 bonus points.

Tarn and I are considering doing the Special K triatholon in Feb with some of the others from our group. Our leader is co-ordinating between three groups to get interested people together to train. Only thing is we're not sure about the swim. However it is in February, so it will be warm - but swimming in the sea? Not my strong point.

Countdown to weigh in: 7 days