Thursday, October 02, 2003

Weigh in last night. I lost 600 grams, which means I have two hundred grams to go before I've lost 5 kilos. I'm pretty happy with that.

We got this cool bonus points slider thingy - you pull out the ammount of time you do excercise for under a light, moderate or intense rule, then go down to the weight you are and it tells you how many points you earn for doing whatever excercise you do. No wonder when I have bad weeks I still lose weight. Walking to work earns me 7 bonus points.

Tarn and I are considering doing the Special K triatholon in Feb with some of the others from our group. Our leader is co-ordinating between three groups to get interested people together to train. Only thing is we're not sure about the swim. However it is in February, so it will be warm - but swimming in the sea? Not my strong point.

Countdown to weigh in: 7 days

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