Saturday, January 22, 2005


Oh I feel so sick.

And I only had three tequila shots, a shot of some whiskey stuff or something, half a shot of jager, and about four or five vodka, lime and lemondades. For someone who hasn't been drinking it's a wonder I'm not dead.

I did manage to do a pump class before I went out though, so at least I did something good with my day. I also weighed in and there's no weight loss, but no weight gain for me this week. Woohoo.

Kilos lost: 1.8 CM's lost: N/A Gym Classes this week: 1

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I upped my weights.

I upped my weights today at pump, so now instead of one kilo either end with an eight kilo bar, I'm doing 2.5 per end. Go me! I'm not too sore, but I can feel my arms starting to shake from typing, so thats kind of interesting.

I'm going to do my weigh in on Friday. I'm not sure how I've gone this week, my eating has been out of control, but I have done a thirty minute walk and a pump class, which is better than nothing.

Kilos lost: 1.8

CM's lost: N/A

Gym Classes this week: 1 + 1 Walk

Friday, January 14, 2005

I am so Pathetic.

Thats the capital P kind of Pathetic. I started going to weight watchers in 2003 - September - by January, I had lost nearly 10 kilos. Over the 2004 it wavered, back and forth and back and forth. Today, I had my first weigh in at the gym (I will be doing this every Friday), and although I did have shoes on - it turns out that whole year of backwards and forwarding was a total waste of time. I've managed to keep off 1.8 kilos.

1.8 kilos - at this rate I'll be 52 years old before I reach my goal.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I just want to say Thanks to my Secret Santa. You rule - and I love the dvd's. Also, Amazon has the most fun packaging - dvd's had security tabs, then sticker seals, then sealed in plastic, then they were shrink wrapped to a piece of cardboard that was attached to this HUGE box. Hilarious. Especially when you can't find any scissors.

In other Melnews, I did a Pump class tonight - and DAMN am I sore right now - arms are hurting and legs are a bit wobbly - but its an excellent start - and maybe in a few weeks I'll be uping my weights from the pathetic 1 kilo (each side) that I'm currently on.

p.s If you're in New Zealand, and you're struggling with your weight, and you want some support, email me or leave a comment - I'm part of a Yahoo group that is full of fantastic women who are all in the same boat - why not think about joining?

Monday, January 10, 2005

I signed up.

I've been thinking about my weight. And while I was in Auckland the shopping I could have done, if I wasn't so curvy. You know thats bullshit. It's not curves, its fat. Rolls of fat.

I got a weight watchers 'new years promo' thingy in the mail. Now I could spend $17 a week on weighing in, being the largest person in the class, counting everything I eat, but cheating - like I have done over the last year - or I could attempt to change my life.

Change my life.

Thats pretty fucking scary. Can I? Because I pretend that I will, but I don't. I find out I should eat a low GI diet, but I don't. Well, sometimes I do. But I haven't been. Last year I lost 10 kilos. I've put it all back on now. Thats not healthy, nor is it good for heart. Although I have been smokefree since the 26th of December - so I'm pretty proud of myself about that.

I signed up for this.

Its half what I would of spend on ciggies a week, and less than a weekly weigh in - and it should kickstart me into the new year. I'm doing it.

You should encourage me. Or whatever.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

I'm Leaaaaaaaaaavin. On a jet plane.

Well not really, I'm flying up to see my mum in Auckland - its her birthday on Wednesday and I thought I should do the daughterly thing and spend it with her.

I think she's got a big schedule of things planned - I know we're going to visit some vineyards - I'm hoping she's allowed me some Me time!