Monday, January 10, 2005

I signed up.

I've been thinking about my weight. And while I was in Auckland the shopping I could have done, if I wasn't so curvy. You know thats bullshit. It's not curves, its fat. Rolls of fat.

I got a weight watchers 'new years promo' thingy in the mail. Now I could spend $17 a week on weighing in, being the largest person in the class, counting everything I eat, but cheating - like I have done over the last year - or I could attempt to change my life.

Change my life.

Thats pretty fucking scary. Can I? Because I pretend that I will, but I don't. I find out I should eat a low GI diet, but I don't. Well, sometimes I do. But I haven't been. Last year I lost 10 kilos. I've put it all back on now. Thats not healthy, nor is it good for heart. Although I have been smokefree since the 26th of December - so I'm pretty proud of myself about that.

I signed up for this.

Its half what I would of spend on ciggies a week, and less than a weekly weigh in - and it should kickstart me into the new year. I'm doing it.

You should encourage me. Or whatever.

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