Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I just want to say Thanks to my Secret Santa. You rule - and I love the dvd's. Also, Amazon has the most fun packaging - dvd's had security tabs, then sticker seals, then sealed in plastic, then they were shrink wrapped to a piece of cardboard that was attached to this HUGE box. Hilarious. Especially when you can't find any scissors.

In other Melnews, I did a Pump class tonight - and DAMN am I sore right now - arms are hurting and legs are a bit wobbly - but its an excellent start - and maybe in a few weeks I'll be uping my weights from the pathetic 1 kilo (each side) that I'm currently on.

p.s If you're in New Zealand, and you're struggling with your weight, and you want some support, email me or leave a comment - I'm part of a Yahoo group that is full of fantastic women who are all in the same boat - why not think about joining?

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