Monday, February 14, 2005

The first meet. or Meat.

So this morning, I met my personal trainer. He's going to motivate me for the 12 week challenge (if I can afford it), and do all my measurements etc.

It's always interesting meeting trainers. Because I am such an extra curvy woman, I always think they won't believe me when I admit the amount of exercise I do, and I'm kind of sure thats what happened this morning. In saying that - I was doing some squats and I said 'ow' (being pathetic) so the trainer said 'okay two more' but really, I could of gone a little bit harder. I think I'm going to have to 'fess up and say 'look, I'll lie to you - I'll pretend I'm tired, but there's more energy there to burn - I'll say that I'm done, or I need a break - but I don't. You need to push me - I'm being pathetic and pretending.'

It takes time to get to know someone - to get to know how hard you can push them - and if I think my trainer is going to be able to be walked on - then I'll walk right on him. So best to be honest with myself and with him. Next meeting is Thursday - hope he doesn't tell me off!

Kilos lost: 2.3 CM's lost: N/A Gym Classes this week: 2 + 1 PT Session

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