Thursday, February 17, 2005

I made the change.

After thinking about it a lot, I switched trainers. I do feel guilty - I imagine that it's hard to build up a reputation as a good PT, but I wasn't comfortable with him - which would put me off. I'm better off seeing a woman (who will understand better about the mood swings, bad bleeding and general other crap that goes with PcOS), and will probably be able to help push me that little bit more. I'm meeting her 7am Monday which should be good.

I had my photo done today - in my ugly tight green t-shirt that doesn't hide a thing, and my usual gym shorts. Then I did a Balance class and rode home. I actually find Balance quite hard - its hard to get into some of the positions, when you have some extra curves, but I'm trying!

I just worked out that I have now been to the gym five days in a row - and tomorrow after Pump - will make six. I've ridden my bike three times (since sunday), and today after Balance on the way home, I actually went up a block cause I was enjoying myself. Weird.

Kilos lost: 2.3 CM's lost: N/A Gym Classes this week: 5+1PT Session


Bex said...

Go Melsie!!!!

You know chick im here for you and ill help anyway i can! i need a little movtivation at the moment to cos im struggling big time!!

Go chickadee!! i know you can do it!

Jules said...

Hey babe - yay you and yay me for working out how exactly to put a post on this website!

Just read the full description of what you've been up too - nice one girlfriend! You are doing soooo well! I'm extremely proud of you for bicycling to work - and I know you so well, it wouldn't have been an easy decision but definately a good one - keep it up babe!!! xxx