Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lookout Drivers (The First Driving Experience)

It's not really like its my first time.

I've done it before.

I've driven from the supermarket to my old house with Mum's supervision (shhh, I was unlicensed at the time). And, every so often when she was bored, she'd take me way out the other side of town, and let me practice.

I fucked up completely and nearly drove the MR2 into a wall.

Even Jamie took me once, when his truck was in for the clutch issues and he got a grandma loaner car with tarten seat covers. We drove out the back of the airport for about three hours. Open road, hardly any traffic, lots of practice of watching the speed and checking the mirrors.

But that was about two years ago. And since then, nothing.

Until today.

I thought it was an innocent trip out to see our friends at Woodend. And to start with it was. The boys put new brakepads in the MR2, Tarn and I sat inside and watched an old old rerun of Dawson's Creek (it was pretty sad). Then, the Pandyr said that I should take Tarn for a drive.

Now, just to get things clear - the MR2 is his baby. He loves that car. He said I would never be allowed to drive it (let alone allowed to learn to drive in it).

Tarn needed to drive through to Rangiora to grab some groceries. So we jumped in and off we went.

I was okay - coming out the drive and turning left. I handled the right turn and onto the 70k speed limit back road - and then the 100k speed limit country road. I was okay when we hit Rangiora and drove the streets (although slowly).

But the parking lot of the supermarket? Not okay. I fucked up completely and nearly drove the MR2 into a wall - braked just in time and ended up about a cm away from it. Over a curb too. Luckily no pedestrians were harmed.

Tarn thought it was hilarious. We got out, grabbed her shopping and then she made me get back in to drive home.

Despite being scared, and consquently unable to go the entire way round a round-a-bout and having to go straight through instead of the right turn she wanted me to make, I think I did okay.

But fuck me do I need a big bloody drink now.

Please note - if you are in Christchurch next weekend, be warned, I think she's taking me again.


~cj~ said...

Congrats!! Learning to drive is exciting and scary at the same time! I hope that it works well for you!

Mel said...

Thanks CJ. Its pretty nerve wracking!

Purl_Princess said...

That's hilarious! Oops...

Dee said...

Oh neat!! I freaked out when I drove and fucked up the first time, but the best thing you did was to get back in the car and drive straight away.

Nothing like a scare to put you off things, have fun learning to drive ~ I love driving that much I have to make up excuses to hoon but when I'm really lazy I just drive heh.

Ang said...

haha.... watch out for those poor innocent pedestrians.

:) Good luck for your next driving experience!