Sunday, January 15, 2006

Lobster Girl and Mullet Man!

I am so fucking sunburnt. Damn you ozone layer and deceptive weather (cool wind + hot sun = burnt skin).

I spent about six hours at the Summer Nationals yesterday - cars, motorcross, burnouts, boats, strongmen, a wet tee comp and skanks. Oh and a tractor.

Here's the promo...

A complete automotive extravaganza!
Take a burn out competition, sound-off comp, car show, live music, boyz toyz exhibits, the Jim Beam FMX team, Miss Full Throttle bikini contest, and twelve hours of non-stop entertainment and you have a total horsepower festival!

I believe it may have been the most disorganised event I have ever been at. We missed the first burnout competition - they fucked up the timing of it - and the space allocated wasn't big enough for the crowd. We saw the second heat - which was 1/2 as long as the first so that was pretty disapointing.

The wet t-shirt competition had about 7 entries, about half of them were strippers or stay at home mums (thats pretty fucking sad really), they couldn't do the motorcross or the skydiving because of the wind, so I doubt the fireworks happened either... we ended up leaving about 5ish - but not before managing to get a good game of 'spot the mullet' and 'skank alert' in.


Jonathan Foley said...

Dude, how did the SUMMER nationals occur in January...either you are Rip Wan Winkle or there is a rip in te space time continuim.

Mel said...

Because, in the SOUTHERN hemisphere, its actually summer. Weird huh. ;)

Jonathan Foley said...

Yes, I felt like a real dumbass after I realized you were located in NZ....sorry for my Northern Hemisphere bias :(!

Chandira said...

Wow. That's some prime mullet.. Awesome..