Thursday, January 05, 2006


Nothing can beat the feeling of handing in your resignation. I think my boss might have been a little shocked, but its time. I'm tired of putting up with horrible behaviour from one person who ruins the entire day for our team, I'm tired of not having goals or targets, (we only get bonuses if the entire dept makes budget whereas other teams get targets and if they reach them they recieve bonuses), and I'm tired of not feeling challenged and being told its my fault if I am bored at work - not the job itself and that I need more outside interests.

Actually I think that comment fucked me off the most.

I've been asked to join a company I used to work for years ago, in a different position, and with a shitload more money. I couldn't just quit and have no job, I need that safety net! So I start there in a couple of weeks.

Next week at work should be interesting - the OB isn't at work this week, but she's back next week and no doubt will find out that I am leaving. I timed it quite well though, she's not there in my last week WOOHOO!

I haven't been focused on the gym or my weight in a while now, hopefully this move will help me refocus and get my ass into gear.

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meloukhia said...

Hooray Mel! That woman at your work sounded absolutely terrible, and there really is nothing as satisfying as quitting a crap job.