Thursday, January 19, 2006

Photo blogs

I love photo blogs. There are some truly talented people out there. Trees and fog and sunsets and sunrises and animals and random nature thingys (thats the technical term for flora and fauna and stuff). I wish I had the talent to see those small things of beauty and then show the world.

Instead, I am slightly obsessed with mullets. I don't know why - but there's something about the old rock and roll mullet that just sings to me.... as long as I don't have to touch it of course.

I think once a month I might have to do the mullet photo file. Obviously that gem down there (scroll people, scroll!) will be January's primo mullet (pronounced mule-ay)

Not sure how I'm going to top that in February, but I might have to start walking around with a camera.

1 comment:

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