Thursday, January 12, 2006

Evil Dye

I thought I'd be okay.

I have experience.

I've dyed my hair many times before.

I've dyed my mum's hair.

I've superblonded a friend.

I'm not afraid of colouring.

I'm not swayed that the colour on the box is going to be exactly what happens to my hair........ but I trusted you Loreal, and you ruined me.

Although, not as much as I originally thought, but I'm still not impressed. Your couleur experte (like poshing up the name is gonna help) multi-tonal natural results (ahem, bullshit), Rum Coffee flavour is neither rum or coffee, and more like red and redder. In fact, due to bad lighting, (damn you bathroom), I thought I'd gone red and Orange - like Ronald McDonald orange, but luckily under natural light its actually okay - kind of a light reddy blonde.

Just okay though, I'm not raving.

And your help email address is bull. It's been 21 hours and I'm still waiting. Not to mention your website which doesn't even cover New Zealand let alone Australia - and yet our stores are full of your products and our televisions show your ads. Odd?


1 comment:

lennea said...

Loreal Colour Experte just ruined my hair. Any advice?