Saturday, January 07, 2006


The last couple of nights I have been having the wierdest dreams. In this one I am a character in a book, and I can see the story unfolding and the horror and drama but I can't stop it, and I can't stop me from being hurt. It's really freaky.

The Pandyr thinks its time to stop reading. heh.

I also seem to jump dreams - so I'll be in the middle of something somehwere and then end up in other situation with different people. A different storyline.

It's very strange.

In other me news, I got my ears pierced yesterday. I'd been thinking for ages that I needed to even up one side - so I told a co-worker I was going and she came and got a piercing as well. Then we were naughty and had KFC for lunch. Crispy Strips, I love you.

The peircing lady was very strange. When I asked if she did them, her husband came out of nowhere and said 'she's the best in town, been piercing for over 25 years'.

We went out the back of this dodgy little shop while she gloved up etc. She asked me where I got my other piercings and insisted I must have got my first ones at her shop* - she accepted that my others had been done in New Brighton.

* I first got my ears pierced in Australia when I was about eight - so unless her shop is one of the magical ones that can move cities and streets by a flick of a button - then I don't think so lady. On the plus side she must of thought I was in my mid twenties, so I guess that was a bonus :)

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Dee said...

HAHAH I hate when people pop out of no where and do shit like that LOL Scares me and even worse if a lady is about to pierce you!!

LOL@ insisting you had your other ones done with her too... that's such a weird moment - lucky your coworker went too.