Friday, February 10, 2006

Last night I attempted to go shopping.

I really seriously need everything - shoes, jeans, shirts, tops, undies, makeup, you name it I wanted to buy it.

I spent three hours wandering the mall and outside shops. I went into every shoe shop (there's about ten of them) and out of the ten, I got acknowledged in one.

I also went to the one 'plus sized' clothing shop at this mall. There were two 'asssistants' behind the counter and myself and another woman in the shop.

I'm trying to take attention away from my fat ass, not promote it!.

The other woman is browsing the racks and as she gets close to the counter, she is greeted by one of the 'assistants'. As I approach the counter, they continue their inane conversation about nothing. Do they greet me? No. Do I feel invisible. Hell yeah.

I ended up in the department store, browsing their range - I found a gorgeous knit long style cardigan so decided to try it on. I don't know who the hell authorises the clothing line for the curvier girl, but I believe they may be an anorexic stick figure. It was a beautiful chocolate brown, long, but the knit was stretchy, so looked very unattractive on (no wonder there were so many left on the rack). And jeans with sparkles around the pockets? I'm trying to take attention away from my fat ass, not promote it! And as for clingy material - forget it. Sometimes they might get two things right in a season, but the rest is shit. In the end I bought a pair of jeans I don't really like, but I was desperate.

So now, I'm new shoe-less, new shirt-less, and I'm tired.

Plus side - managed to keep away from McDonalds.


Mandy said...

I HATE jeans with glitter or sparkles or anything at all on the pocket (other than thread, you have to have thread of course). I don't think they look good on anyone, whether they way 20 pounds of 500 pounds.

I hope you have better luck next time you try to shop!

Dee said...

UGH I hate shopping days like that. And I totally agree with you on the glitter stuff, I hate it.

AND I totally agree with what kind of people approve this stuff for bigger girls, it's either over the top or really really fuddy duddy ~ why the hell can't they just follow the fashions? I just don't get why plus size stores seem to be in their own fashion trends *Shrug*

I hope next time you get some good things! poor thing, but on a awesome note THATS FANTASTIC @ kept away from the Maccas!!

Anonymous said...


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