Friday, September 17, 2004


Yesterday I got one of the reps at work to pick up The Sims 2 for me. It's so hard to sit through 4 hours of typing, answering phones and inputting ads while a box full of fun sits next to my desk.

I was very tempted to skip the gym, and go home and play, but I know that I can't do that now. If I don't choose to keep working out, I might as well accept being a fatchick for the rest of my life. And I don't want that. I've spent most of my 20s overweight.... I've missed out on so much fashion.... I've missed out on spending more time at the beach or the pool over summer.... I've hidden my bingo arms, and my curved belly....

I start swimming on Monday, to help with the triathlon in February. Tonight I'm going to another pump class. And all weekend I'll be playing The Sims.

I spent about 3 hours last night figuring out all the new bits - visually its much cooler, and I'm so glad Bob Newbie has fucked right out of it. He annoyed me with his greasy clothing. I'm loving the fact you can customise their faces - change eye colour, jaw shape, brow shape and put makeup on them. That they don't just either get a delicious looking plate of salad or meat and three veg looking plate for breakfast, lunch and tea - in fact the more cooking points they earn, the greater variety of food they can have. You can meet the postgirl, the maid... and Cassandra Goth is all grown up.

Countdown to weigh in: today

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