Monday, September 06, 2004

It starts.

So..... it's been a while. How are you doing?
I've been struggling along the food highway, trying to look after myself, failing, now I'm sick. Although, I have been using my gym membership (you know, the one I've had since I was 15). Imagine the kind of body I'd have if I'd actually kept using it all these years.
But no.
If you go to my gym, you'll be able to spot me. Somehow in the on/off years of going, all the larger people seemed to have shrunk. Or maybe they only sign up when there's a deal on, go for a month or two, then vanish. All except me. I'm the overweight, unfit, breathing-heavily-in-the-corner-girl. But hey, at least I'm working on it.
If you live in New Zealand and you want some support in your weight loss efforts, email me - I'm part of a yahoo group of women that rock, and we're looking for new members. Only deal is you have to actively participate. One of the other members in Christchurch is one of my gym buddies, and she's pushing me to do the Special K triathlon in February. However you don't need to do that unless you want to :)
Countdown to weigh in: 4 days

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