Sunday, January 29, 2012


So Saturday I met up with an awesome group of people doing round one of 12wbt. We had a training session down at a local park. We played games, chucked some tires around, ran round the park, did pressups, it was great.

Today I got up and added another 5.8km to my January total., only 6km to go with two days left in the month.

I haven't been writing as much this week - with doing a few walks after work by the time I get home I have enough energy left to eat and then crash out.

This is a hard journey I have set myself. It was easy to put the weight on, easy to make bad choices, easy to just eat whatever I wanted, easy to say 'I'll do it later' and then not do it at all. The excuses I would make 'I had a hard day at work, I need comfort food, I'm too tired to exercise, I can't be bothered, I'll go twice as hard tomorrow (yeah SURE you will), I'm not that big, I'm not that fat, I'm too unfit, I have pcos so it doesn't matter anyway - I won't be able to lose the weight....'

Sometimes those voices are still there, and I have to argue with them and push myself out the door. You can see if you look at my January kms, Thursday I was exhausted so gave myself the day off, Friday I planned to go, and then managed to talk myself out of it but I promised myself I would clean the bathroom and vacuum instead, which, I didn't even do - Saturday I had training so didn't walk, today I made the effort and I hurt now, but I feel great. Plus I burnt 400 calories.I just have to remember that feeling. Or encourage myself to JFDI for ten minutes and then I can turn around and come back - because ten minutes in usually I have my stride on, the music pumping and feel compelled to keep going.

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