Tuesday, January 10, 2012

JFDI - J(ust) F(riggen, or ucken) D(o) I(t)

I had a serious case of the tireds this morning. Not sure if its because I couldn't get to sleep last night, had crazy dreams, a 4.2 earthquake, a cat trying to sleep on my pillow and just one of those BLAH nights. Usually after a night like that I'd try and stay in bed an extra hour, and then by the time I trot off to work would of helped myself to a red bull (along with some chocolate) to try and get my energy up for the day.

This morning, while I was exhausted and didn't get up to walk, I did get up, ate a fairly sensible breakfast ( I had a sculpt protein shake, but that's still okay) got ready for work, get there on time, and didn't drink the red bull. After work I managed a 5.46km walk (took me an hour) and burnt 434 calories.

Today's motivation was:

30km in to the 100km challenge. I've started weaving streets - ie walk up mine, then go down the next, then back up the next cross street and so on - it ads on extra km's without being too far from home so if anything does happen (which when you live in the shakiest damn city in the world you do get a bit paranoid) makes me feel a bit better about being able to get back to the girls (dogs) asap - rather than being miles away.

Its awful though, walking the broken streets, with the holes in the roads, missing or slumping houses and sometimes a bit of paranoia creeps in when you're walking under one of the few remaining awnings... but this is my home - I love my city, and all the broken-ness of it; even though sometimes I find it tough going and I bitch and moan and make noise about leaving.

I keep thinking I should take photos of what I am seeing, but if it was my house I would feel violated so I don't. But maybe on an early morning walk I could take a few shots. And keep them. This is part of our history now, as horrible as it is. But I know Christchurch will come back stronger. 

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