Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

Its going down! The 2 kilos I put on after the challenge finished/xmas/earthquakes is 300 grams away from being GONE FOR EVER. Seriously, losing this weight twice is flippen annoying, and the worse part is that this is probably the third or forth time I've lost that same kilo. But no more.

So technically, my current weight loss is at 11.9 kilos. Pretty happy with that right now.

The 100km challenge has bought out my competitive nature. I've walked just over 10km in the last three days. This morning I got up at 5.45 and did a 4km walk. I am thinking I might do another walk tonight, but I do have to cook mum's birthday cake so I might not have time.

I have so many places I have to be accountable that I shouldn't fail. I log my food and exercise and calorie burns with myfitnesspal (username is melsienz if you want to add me); then I use runkeeper; imapmyfitness (for walking) or Ease into 5K (for helping me to learn to run) to track my km's. I log my km's on the facebook 12wbt NZ group and check out everyone else's numbers; log in to the back end of blogger to update that box over there ------>  and then if I have something to say I type a blog post, and sometimes I tweet it too. Phew.

Now its time for breakfast. I think I deserve a good feed today :)

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