Sunday, January 15, 2012

It burns...

I hate being woken up suddenly. And when a 5.0 quake hits its definitely a bit of a shock to the system. Lying in bed hearing all your glasses rattle and hearing things fall - having a 26 kilo boxer leap on the bed to get between me and Andrew because she's scared, while a 32 kilo boxer is trying to get out so she can bark at old Ma Nature - it doesn't make for the best nights sleep. It took ages to go out again - thinking 'is that it; is another one coming; is it going to be bigger; is the TV okay?'. Its exhausting.

It also means that instead of getting up at 7am like I planned, I end up getting up at 8am but still managed to knock out a nearly two hour trek - 8.41km. Burnt 679 calories and am now on the downward slope of under 50km to trek for the rest of January.

This challenge was a crazy idea but its encouraged me to get out and move my ass so that's a good thing.

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