Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday - the day before weigh in.

I know I should write more here - but I've actually been trying to keep away from my computer. You see it sucks me in. I get up and think, right a quick workout, but first I'll just check my email, and next thing you know I've checked the news, my auctions, facebook, gossip sites, message boards and its 7.45 and I need to leave in 15 minutes for work and I've yet to shower, eat and sort out the animals.

I thought this pic was not only funny, but also very true. 

Last week I was a bit lax on the exercise. I'm pretty sure that will show on the scales tomorrow. But I know what my weak points are - I just have to find a way to combat them. So the more people I can encourage to come for a walk/run./waddle with me after work on mon/wed and fri - means the more chance I'll actually go and do it.  And last night, I did the first two laps on my own before someone turned up to join me and I was fine. FINE. So god knows why I wasn't doing this on my own earlier. You'd think being an only child I should be used to doing things on my own and usually I am, but I think it was the fat person nerves, that little voice, 'everyone will look at you, stomping your lard ass round on your own' - well little voice, in return I say 'who the bloody hell cares - I don't know them and if that's their attitude, then there's something wrong with them.'

So people, next time you see a fuller figured person taking some exercise, smile at them. You don't need to cheer, or give them a pep talk (seriously this is just weird and also embarrassing), a smile or a pat on the back as you overtake them (maybe only use the pat on the back one for an actual gym class where you sort of know everyone) is all the encouragement we need.


Anonymous said...

You are doing awesome - i find it hard to smile when i'm exercising, specifically running (i am sure it looks moe like a crrazed grimace) BUT in future i will crazed grimace/smile at everyone:D

Mel said...

haha do it Claire :) we love it. Rather than be someone who runs past and yells out 'GO girls, you can do it' just smile. Its too embarassing to be pointed out to the rest of the park that 'fat woman exercising' :)