Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Wednesday!

And you know what that means.... WEIGH IN.

And I lost another kilo, taking me up down by 6.4.I'm not quite sure how... (well I sort of am, someone on the NZ private message board for 12wbt explained basic metabolic rate and calories in and out and I kind of get it now). It's nice to see those numbers drop.

Next Wednesday its not only weigh in day but also measurement day so that will be interesting (I did sneakily measure one thigh this morning out of interest and 3cm's has vanished from it - so although my results aren't gasp-shockingly obvious, they will be soon!

Last night on the message board I posted this image and the below text to go with it.

I think that I am like hey I've lost five kilos, why hasn't anyone noticed - but if I'm honest with myself, its that five kilos is nothing compared to what I actually need to lose to look like a regular sized person. Of course no one is going to notice. I need to be patient, and that's where in the past I have gotten discouraged and failed.

And its true. I have been doing a bit of soul searching with this. Not only do I want to fit comfortably on a plane when we go honeymooning, but I also want a better quality of life. I want to get up and feel energised, I want to go out and not feel like everyone is staring (and most of the time they probably aren't - but it would be nice to not feel like they are). I want to fit into regular sized clothes. I want to be able to walk into shops and not wonder if they have sizes to fit me. I want to not obsess about food all the time. I want this way of life to be a natural thing, - and with time that will happen.

In response to my rant above, the lovely ladies in the group posted these messages of support.

Mel, keep sharing your losses and progress with us so that we can cheer you on because every little bit you lose should be acknowledged. And the great thing is that if you find that patience and keep at it you will eventually enjoy the feeling when your friends start to notice :-)

Mel - 5 kilos is amazing! Imagine that as a bag of potatoes! That is heaps! :)

A bag of potatoes. That is bloody heaps. In two weeks, thats massive. 

And so, this is not just a 12 week journey for me. I will sign up for the next round of the programme and probably the next and the next. 

I am going to smash my goals.


Hello Kitty said...

You are AMAZING, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

YAY :)
positivity, i love it!
Claire :)