Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Penalty jar....

So I really enjoy New Girl, the sitcom. And the ad for the douchebag jar cracks me up every time. 'Have you seen my other timepiece?'

Anyway, I bought some mason jars last weekend to create my visual kilos lost/kilos to go - which I still haven't done as I couldn't find any marbles/stones that I liked to use; and then thought 'Why don't I create an exercise penalty jar'?

The deal is this:

The jar starts with $5 in it. Every time I do a workout I add $1. If I miss a day, then Andrew (the husband) gets to take $5 out of the jar (the penalty). But every time I hit a 5 kilo milestone, I get to take all the cash in the jar and buy myself something (not food). Then it starts all over again.

However, New Zealand decided to burn remove all $1 and $2 notes, and we now have tiny gold coins. (Which was hilarious in America because I kept seeing my wallet full of bills and thinking 'Wow!' but then counting it and realising it was only about $8). Anyway, the awesome inspiring Vicky suggested that I use monopoly money so I still get that visual of the jar filling up with money (while keeping the coins in it at the bottom)...

Here's how it all looks! (I love instagram and the effects are so cool so I used them for my photos)...

As you can see, my NZ coinage looks a little depressing in here.

Here's my play money! It comes in $1s, $5s and $10s.

There - doesn't that look far more impressive! Plus the actual money is in there for when
I can go spend spend spend!!

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thifty said...

The play money looks super cute, wouldn't want to be giving that away to anyone!