Wednesday, May 09, 2012

An idea...

I really struggle sometimes with doing exercise. My excuses revolve around 'I'll do it later' (hardly ever happens), I'll just do this first (and then not do the exercise at all), in fact right now I should be doing something except I'm writing this blog instead. Procrastination is my enemy and my weakness.

Last night I was surfing the web (again avoiding what I should of been doing), and I came across an article on lifehacker - about Seinfelds Productivity Secret. And it's a great idea. Don't break the chain.

So this morning, I googled to see if I could find anyone else talking about it, and came across this awesome calender design - which I've promptly printed out and will start using today.

Don't break the chain. Might need a copy at work and at home so I'm accountable all the time.

Ps, I passed my full driver's licence yesterday. Super exciting - given that I failed first time round. Now I can stay past 9.30 at things, or get up at 3am to go for a drive if I want to.

pps. No weight change this Wednesday.

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