Thursday, March 17, 2005


2.5 kilos lost, 22.5cm's and my body fat has been reduced by 3.2% over the last four weeks.

I've got a new programme, I'm feeling so happy and pleased with myself, and I'm going to keep going. I've hit my first goal (under a certain weight), and its all down from there.

Thanks to all for your support - I still need it though :)

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kazu said...

you are so awesome. I'm home after visiting andy over spring break and we ate lots of good bad food. so tomorrow, it's back to being healthy and doing the yoga thing.

Also, I wanted to tell you I was reading about PCOS (?) the other day, and it said that every woman's experience with it can be different and controlling insulin is only one part of it, and not even how every one has to deal with it. Okay, it was only a pamphlet, but I thought that said enough to contradict what that nelly negative at your work said.