Monday, March 14, 2005

Week Four.


So yeah, its week four. I missed the gym yesterday (I've just realised that I should never ever eat white bread - my stomach is killing me), and today I decided to go to the supermarket after work to get ingredients for a healthy pita pizza (mushrooms, low fat ham, peppers, tomatoes) so I skipped Jam class.

I want to thank everyone who puts in comments - they crack me up - and its very cool to get an email saying that you have a message ;) I have decided not to worry about the stupid cow at work - everyone with PCoS has different symptoms anyway - plus I'm going to the doctors on Wednesday so I'm going to ask her what she thinks.

I have been a bit worried though, because I seem to have no appetite (although that does not stop me from eating). I hit the gym, ride my bike home, cook dinner, and I have to force myself to eat it - I'm sure thats not right. I also force myself to eat breakfast in the morning - and I really struggle with that - today I have hardly eaten at all, but I feel like I've just pigged out at an all you can eat restuarant - its really weird.

Anyway, Thursday morning I am seeing my trainer - and as its week four, I'm pretty sure we'll be updating my weight, body fat and measurements.

Wish me luck - I will post the results :)

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