Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stupid Hats

On Friday our work are having a hat day. We're all to wear hats all day, and only take them off when leaving the building. We have three secret judges, and prizes for creativity and so forth.

Our team (there are four of us) were struggling with what to wear - I was going to just use my halo headband, but then I remembered on mum's last trip down, she had brought my family these silly animal hats.

I called my aunt and she had them, so she couriered them to me at work.

We snuck into the boardroom and I opened the box. The girls were in hysterics - we will be wearing the following : Octopus (bright pink and yellow with the legs hanging around the face; Parrot (yellow, red and blue, with wings); Chicken (white and yellow); and Cow (black and white).

I am the cow.

We've decided to go hard out and convert our desks into the theme of the hat. We're going to past signs on our chairs about us being an Animal Park, put up fences between the desks so we have our own pens, and I've borrowed appropriate office clutter to use on our themes - the parrot will be encased in a jungle setting - so far I scored her a stuffed giraffe and monkey to hang on her desk somehow. The chicken will have some eggs - I will have some milk cartons, rubber gloves, and whatever else I can find.

We have made trees our of newspapers.

I think we might win :)

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Dee said...

OH that sounds so awesome!!! and v cool you guys are doing up the desks too.

You'll totally have to keep us posted if you guys win.

Good luck!!