Friday, August 05, 2005

Birthday :)

Yes, today (if you are in America) but yesterday if you are in New Zealand, I turned 30.

I think food shouldn't count on your birthday, I ate WAY too much but I'm not going to stress about it.

The really cool thing is that my trainer has given me a free box session, so I'm pretty excited about that. Except now I have the 'So you wanna be a boxer' song from the movie Bugsy Malone stuck in my head.

Oh, and Andrew aka The Pandyr, AndyPandy, Drew, the boy, finally got his act together and asked me to marry him.

It took eight years - but the wait was worth it.


Dee said...

Happy Birthday Mel!!!

and a BiG


@ the engagement!!

How exciting [was going to say hope you had a great birthday today but that's a complete given]. So,

INDULGE Girlie, today it's ALL YOU!

kazu said...