Monday, June 04, 2012

Monday. Day one.

So it's rolled around again, day one of the 12wbt. So far I've already it the gym (treadmill hill climbing - 417 calories), drank 1/4 of my water, and had breakfast. I'm about to hit the shower but I think I feel an afternoon nap coming on...

Weirdly enough I was just trying to figure out when I would hit the gym tomorrow, and then I saw this. I think I'll do weights in the morning at home with a dvd workout, then maybe after dinner tomorrow night go for the treadmill again. With my gym membership I do get a one hour free PT session, so I should really text her today and figure that out as well. I was thinking I should probably do that every six weeks or so, and get the gym to track my progress as well. Then I'm accountable in a lot of places.

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