Saturday, December 06, 2003


I love shoes. LOVE them. Not Imelda love- but fairly close.

In fact, the Pandyr has said that I am not allowed any more shoes until I liberate some from the closet. And yes, there are some I can't/won't ever wear again. But they have memories.

Yes, memories can be associated with shoes.

I know I should set them free - but what about the time I was wearing the slut shoes and I fell in the gut- actually I will set those fuckers free - that was damn right embarassing, or how I went up to Auckland and bought some styli sneakers for a fraction of the cost? MEMORIES. Like the corner of my mind.

I think thats the wrong words - cause corner of my mind? Is that where the cat hair and dust piles up??

Uh anyway... - I am going somewhere with this... with the weight loss, my shoes are looser.

Wierd huh. I guess that your feet are one of those places you don't really associate with dieting effects.

Countdown to weigh in: 6 days

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