Thursday, June 02, 2005

Two Attacks in a week :)

Attack classes that is. This must be a bit of a shock and I am doing them mostly low impact, but I'm pretty pleased with that.

I got my photos back from the challenge. I've been trying to work out what to say about them - but its really tough.

See, when I see a photo of myself - I'm always shocked that it's me. I never see myself as the fat chick (even though I am), and it's a bit of an eye opener. I wish I was brave enough like Renee to post my pics, but I'm not sure if I can do it.

But the changes between the first photo and the last are really different. I mean, I'm still a lard ass - I only lost 7 kilos - but my body has changed shape - no-one told me I had this weird humpback whale thing going on - (thats actually on my back) - and thats descreased markedly - my stomach actually doesn't stick out as far as the puppies anymore (which is a novelty), my ass has shifted (always good, cause I don't want a mum's bum), and my t-shirt is loser around the arms and waist.

I'm going to get the Pandyr to take a pic of me at the end of the next 12 weeks so I will always have the comparison - and, as my friend Lesley suggested - I could make a flip book - so I can flip through it and see myself shrinking as time goes on.


renee said...

Heh not so sure I'm brave as much as I was insane on even thinking about then actually posting those pics. Note, you don't see my face ;)

I'm happy to hear you've made progress. That flipbook idea is excelent.

La said...

I had to laugh reading the post - puppies sticking out more than your stomach now... I was JUST noticing that without my fantabulous bra, mine are kind of saggy and my stomach sticks out way more. ick. what kills me is the guy friends i have (and even some of the female friends) always talk about how "huge" they are... if it weren't for that dang bra, they'd be ever so disappointed!!! lmao

and the "mum's bum" cracks me up too... i'm going to be thinking about that whenever i'm doing leg kicks... lol

don't be ashamed of your body, hon... you're busting ass to make changes for your health, too! it's not JUST about vanity or the position of the "puppies" to the stomach, but rather the way you're getting healthy with this. you're going to find things you hate about your body even when you're at goal weight, but i'm quite sure it won't keep you out of a bikini at the beach! :)