Monday, May 23, 2005

How much?

Today I was asked by a lady (who has noticed my weight loss with interest) how much I wanted to lose.

I thought about it for a while - and I actually don't know.

For some reason the numbers don't really matter - as long as my clothes fit right, and I'm healthy then I don't mind. Plus, if muscle weighs more, then surely the weight thing isn't that important?

I need to think about this. My thinking is shifting. I'm kind of scared. Well, okay not really.


renee said...

Mel, I think shifting thoughts is a great thing! But I know what you mean about it being kinda scary.

When the year started I had one solid goal, lose 50lbs. But in the last few months it's really changed, but w/that goal in my head for so long I wasn't, still not actually, quite sure how to work my new thoughts into my life.

All part of the bigger experience I'm guessing. I'm so happy to hear that your outlook is, so long as your clothes fit, and you are healthy, the #'s don't matter. Bravo.

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Judi Finneran said...

Hi There,

I completely agree. Lean muscle mass is more dense, takes less space, burns more calories per hour, is healthier...yet it weighs more. Give me the lean muscle mass any day.

Keep up the good work!


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