Friday, January 09, 2004

Oh yeah - was flicking through the new WW books, and they had some members in there with their old photos and their goal photos.

Now I love before and after photos, celebrities without makeup etc, but I really don't understand some of the pictures.

The changes people make. Like when you can't even see the person in the before photo - that they look nothing like the goal photo. I can understand it - as a bigger person I wish I could hide sometimes - but hey - this is who I am, and yes I'm gonna dye my hair, and wear makeup, and unbutton my shirt so you can see my clevage - hey there's enough of it to go round - and you'll be able to tell that no matter what size I am - I am proud of WHO I am.

Cause weight won't change that.

I guess though, some people aren't comfortable with doing that. So they use the weight as an excuse - to dress in a way they don't want to - to not do something for themselves - maybe they feel like they don't deserve it. Make yourself unforgettable, that will make you invisible and make the weight less noticeable.

Yeah right.

All I can say is don't do it. Be proud of who you are - the shape you have. If you don't like it - you can change it. It's taken me more than three months to lose nearly 10 kilos. But that doesn't stop me being woman.

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