Monday, November 24, 2003

So originally my goal was to lose 15 kilos by Tarn's wedding.

I've lost 8.2* (slight 200** gram gain last week, but thats okay. I'm back on track now) so far - and the wedding is 5 weeks away. Now, while I'd love to hit that 15*** kilo mark - to lose 6.8**** kilos in five weeks is a fucking ridiculous goal - thats the kind of eating that leads to binging in my opinion (no purging though, can't throw up to save my life) - and with the silly season coming closer (next weekend - friday night, work xmas party - saturday night, pandyr's xmas party - sunday, picnic work thing), there's no way I could, or even would, discpline myself to that degree.

So - I'm not far off the 10% of my (old) fat(ter) self mark, and I figure if I can achieve this by the wedding, then thats good enough for me.

*18 pounds
** 0.4 pounds
*** 33 pounds
**** 15 pounds

I discovered my cellphone has a handy converter. Not sure if its really that handy, but for you 'mericans who read this, now I'm speaking your language. ; )

Countdown to weigh in: 5 days

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